We are Abatement Contractors in the Greater Orange County area.

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Whether we are doing abatement work with popcorn ceilings, vinyl flooring, mastic, roofing shingles, or mold removal, we follow the highest level of commitment to your safety and long-term health.

THE HAZMAT TEAM emphasizes the safest approach to ensure your home’s airways remain contaminate free. We apply our process to all abatement projects we engage in.

These steps include the use of tarp and plastic sheets to seal off the workspace from the rest of the building; within the workspace we initiate negative airflow to prevent escape of any harmful contaminates.  We place plastic drop cloths in all adjacent walk-ways to collect any debris from the removal. HEPA filters are in place to guarantee 99.97% contaminate-free air quality. All waste is carefully packaged and taken to proper landfill sites. 


Asbestos Abatement and Remediation:

Our core expertise lies in the safe and effective removal, containment, and disposal of asbestos-containing materials. Our experienced teams ensure thorough abatement that meets regulatorystandards,  safeguarding occupants and the environment.

Project Consultation

Our seasoned project consultants provide expert guidance from project inception to completion. From planning and budgeting to regulatory compliance, we offer comprehensive consultation to ensure your project’s success.

Site Assessment and Testing

Our skilled professionals conduct thorough site assessments and asbestos testing to identify the presence of asbestos-containing materials. This crucial step informs our approach to remediation and ensures accurate planning.

Compliance and Regulatory Services

Navigating asbestos regulations can be complex. We provide comprehensive support to ensure your project adheres to federal, state, and local regulations. Our expertise minimizes risks and ensures compliance.

Emergency Response

THE HAZMAT TEAM is ready to respond promptly to asbestos-related emergencies. Our rapid response teams assess and address urgent situations, ensuring safety and containment in critical times.

Environmental Monitoring

We implement rigorous environmental monitoring during asbestos abatement projects. Through air quality testing and continuous monitoring, we ensure that asbestos fibers are effectively contained and controlled.


Ready to take the next step in your asbestos abatement project? Contact our expert team for a consultation and discover how THE HAZMAT TEAM can help you achieve your goals while prioritizing safety and quality.